Business and Corporations Law

Our clients receive trusted advice in many different areas:

Business formation and startup: Will your business entity and licenses grow with your business? We work with people with business entities and structures ranging from sole proprietorships to corporations. We help clients choose a business structure that they can maintain and that will minimize their taxes. When our clients feel overwhelmed by paperwork and filing deadlines, we can assist with those as well.

Business purchases, mergers, acquisitions, and sales: Are you considering the purchase or sale of a business or its assets? Are you looking to reorganize your business? Do you have a buy-sell agreement?  We help clients make decisions they can live with, using a holistic approach that goes beyond the legal considerations. For example, many of our clients are concerned about how their new agreements will impact their relationships with business partners, investors, and family members in an intergenerational business. Thoughtful business succession planning enables smooth transitions.

 Ironclad legal protection with contracts and agreements: Do you have all the agreements and contracts that are standard in your industry? Do you know what these agreements are? Do your contracts clearly communicate rights and obligations of all parties involved, while legally protecting you? At the Rapps Law Firm, we frequently create and modify contracts and operating agreements..

Asset protection: Are your personal assets protected from your business creditors? Asset protection puts our clients in the best position possible to negotiate with any potential creditor. Aside from protecting personal assets, we can also help clients structure their businesses to protect certain business assets as well. Asset protection is best done before difficulties arise. However, for those in a business crisis, we may still be able to help. In a worst case scenario, such as a law suit, we know that you would want the highest level of asset protection possible.

A Holistic Approach: Not Just Legal

Many clients come to us with questions about tax strategy, while others want transactional assistance. Still others are looking for business planning consultation, whether at business startup or during times of business growth. We offer business planning consultation in the following areas:

Reviewing Your Business

Efficiency Review: Is your business the best it can be. At the Rapps Law Firm, we will help you ramp up your business growth and make sure you have streamlined systems in place. These business processes will enable you to grow, while protecting you from unforeseen legal, financial, and managerial problems.

Developing or reviewing a business plan: Does your business plan reflect up-to-date strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your business? Is it helping you economize and scale? Fully developed business plans help our clients spot trouble before it starts, while innovating and taking clear steps toward greater success.

Setting Benchmarks and goals: Have you had difficulty setting realistic and measurable goals in your business plan?We help clients set manageable goals. During this process, our clients discover the insight and power to take specific next steps to achieve them within reasonable time frames.

Ongoing or as-needed consulting: Some clients want ongoing support, while others have specific consulting needs now and then for small services or to remedy mistakes. Ongoing consulting enables many of our clients to conduct business more efficiently and avoid the legal pitfalls of their competitors, all while paying predictable maintenance costs. Many services are included in our ongoing consulting plans free of charge, and hourly rates are discounted. We customize specific ongoing consulting packages for each and every client.

Getting Connected

Some clients want to take advantage of our network of trusted professionals, collect debts owed to them, or make the right business investments. Our multi-specialty team has many of the answers. When we don’t, we refer our clients to our network of trusted professionals, including bankers, CPAs, and more.